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Jet fuel Supply

Aviation fuel services provision has been our priority within these years. During the time of constant work and development we have obtained successful contracts in all Russian, C.I.S. countries, European and Asia locations. Now we provide services to several segments of the aviation industry, including but not limited to: major and regional airlines, freight and cargo companies, corporations, airports and municipalities, fixed base operators, helicopters, military and government state flights.

We serve quite a number of scheduled flights, corporate and business jets, government, military and cargo flights. Our fuel team targeting for the best deals with fuel vendors, has exclusive connection with FBO and airport authorities. That allows us offering competitive price rates for jet fuel reselling within our vast network. As a fuel provider we render high quality services based on IATA Fuel standards.  With the help of our experience and proactivity we are able to guide our customers to the lowest price alternative, sharing tax exemption opportunities and giving personal attention to ensure the success of every flight.

Our advantages:

· Contract fuel at more than 1000 locations all over the world

· Bulk delivery to our partners FBO’s and our own ones, and fuel storage facility

· 24 Hours Dispatch Team

· Insurance coverage

· Cost-effective refueling

· Credit facility

· High quality fuel service

· VAT Exemption

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