About Company

Founded in 1994, Center for Civil Aviation Services RusAero ( CCAS RusAero) is the leader on the Russian market specializing in the field of ad hoc flight support and ground handling.

At this moment CCAS RusAero supports approximately 4500 flights a month, providing a wide range of ground handling services and flight support for the business aviation including private and corporate flights, business and commercial charters, ambulance and humanitarian endeavors.

CCAS RusAero owns a wide net of offices and has representatives in the C.I.S. and Russian airports.

CCAS RusAero is a member of the National Business Aviation Association and European Business Aviation Association and active participant of the IATA ground handling council.

CCAS RusAero provide flights support­ services for both Russian and foreign operators.

The goal of CCAS RusAero is to ensure flights and arrange a full range of services for the client regardless of flight difficulty degree, terms and route.

Flight support

Following your request our professional and experienced team will promptly provide you with the following services:

-                     Overflight and landing clearance of the Russian Federation and C.I.S.;

-                     ATC FPL filing;

-                     Route analyses;

-                     Coordination of slots at any airport according to your request.

Ground handling arrangements

CCAS RusAero specializes in arranging ground handling services for private and commercial flights, as well as flights for heads of states and top-ranking delegations.

-                     Supervise all ramp activities by ground handler;

-                     Provide refueling on credit;

-                     Provide VIP lounge for passengers and crew;

-                     Provide crew transportation on the airport territory and outside;

-                     Ensure transit visas for crew members on arrival;

-                     Provide catering for crew and passengers on preliminary request;

-                     Provide hotel accommodation on contracted rates.

Our Advantages

CCAS RusAero has additional advantages which will help us to ensure comfort for you, your crew and aircraft.

-                     Favorable contract relationship with Russian and foreign airports, fuel suppliers and ground services;

-                     Special rates;

-                     Longtime cooperation with airports from Russia, C.I.S., Europe and USA;

-                     Staff trained professionally abroad, including air navigators;

-                     Prompt request analysis and ability to support a flight at any place all worldwide;

-                     Wide range of representative offices at Russian airports.

Serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


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